While Fresh & Foraged and their affiliates aim to be as accurate as possible, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have accurately identified any plant or mushroom before consuming it. Please use multiple reputable sources to confirm any identification. If you have any doubts about your identification of any plant or mushroom, do not eat it.

Fresh & Foraged and their affiliates make no warranties as to the safety of consuming any wild plants or mushrooms and accept no liability or responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of information provided by Fresh & Foraged, nor for any consequences, health issues, or symptoms which may arise from ingestion of or contact with any plant or mushroom herein described.

Any person who puts themselves in contact with or ingests wild plants or mushrooms for any reason, does so at their own risk.

Information provided by Fresh & Foraged is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness. Always consult a medical professional when suffering from any illness or injury.

Foraging Guidelines

Although only a small portion of North American plants and mushrooms are deadly, some can be confused with edible species to the untrained eye. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with botany and mycology before consuming any wild plants or mushrooms. There are many wonderful books and resources available that can help you gain knowledge along the way.

Fortunately, many wonderful edible plants and mushrooms can be successfully identified with some practice and the aid of reputable identification resources such as field guides. For your safety, these are the species which we focus on sharing. Happy Foraging!